A single good idea from just one book can quickly transform your business or personal life. So why don’t more of us read more? The explanations are as unique as the people making them. You can get more reading done and make fewer excuses armed with these five tips:

Carve out time. According to a 2015 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans ages 15 and older average just over 19 hours per week watching television and only about 2.3 hours per week reading. Whether you currently carve out a time to read or not, reallocating some hours is a possibility.

Set goals. Start small with reading goals, like five pages a day. You can work your way up to a chapter a day or a book a week.

Remove distractions. Eliminate obstacles to reading from your environment. Not reading in the TV room or within ear shot of programming and muting your phone will help you concentrate.

Keep things fresh. Having a variety of books to choose from (e.g. biographies and business, how-to or inspirational books) will help you maintain enthusiasm to meet your daily reading goals.

Grow with audio. Listening to books can dramatically increase time spent with books. Download audio books to your smartphone and listen on your commute, as you exercise, while you clean, or as you wait in line or for an appointment.

Reading more can help you attain your goals, expand your horizons and provide you with a constant stream of inventive ideas. Use these tips to begin reading more today.

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