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Positive Momentum for Denver’s Housing Market

By jho26 | Feb 24, 2017

According to the latest data from REcolorado, the provider of REcolorado.com, the most popular, locally run home search site for Colorado home buyers, sellers and renters, the Denver Metro Area housing market carried its positive momentum into 2017 with single family home sales and prices both rising in January. According to REcolorado market statistics for the…

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Housing numbers

By jho26 | Feb 22, 2017

Housing numbers, Retail Sales and inflation data told quite the tale, while words from the Fed chair also caught people’s attention. In housing news, Housing Starts slipped in January but still beat expectations. The Commerce Department reported Housing Starts declined 2.6 percent in January from December to an annual rate of 1.246 million. However, Housing…

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How Successful People Read More Books

By jho26 | Feb 17, 2017

A single good idea from just one book can quickly transform your business or personal life. So why don’t more of us read more? The explanations are as unique as the people making them. You can get more reading done and make fewer excuses armed with these five tips: Carve out time. According to a 2015…

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Mortgage Bonds were knocked down

By jho26 | Feb 16, 2017

Mortgage Bonds were knocked down in the latter part of January, rallied as February picked up steam, and then dropped again. Mortgage Backed Securities, the type of Bond to which home loan rates are tied, worsened after a five-day rally. These Bonds have not been able to break above the resistance level set in November…

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House Sense

By jho26 | Jan 31, 2017

Is your home safe? Studies show that burglaries occur at an average of every eight seconds, 400,000 serious residential fires happen every year, and more child deaths result from accidents than from all diseases combined. Though we can never be completely safe at home, we can take certain steps to dramatically reduce hazards and the…

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Smart City Coming

By jho26 | Jan 24, 2017

  There isn’t much else to see right now at Pena Station Next, the connected neighborhood where autonomous shuttles will one day transport residents to the nearby RTD rail stop, shops and restaurants. But at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Panasonic, a partner in Denver’s smart city project, gave attendees a closer look…

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Retail sales up in December

By jho26 | Jan 16, 2017

“Hey big spender. Spend a little time with me.” Shirley Bassey. Consumers spent more time ringing up sales in December. The Commerce Department reported that Retail Sales rose 0.6 percent in December from November. The increase was due in part to strong sales for autos. The year ended with momentum that could signal sales growth in…

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FHA Cuts MIP Rates

By jho26 | Jan 13, 2017
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Housing Market at a Crossroads in 2017

By jho26 | Jan 5, 2017

The Fed raised interest rates by a quarter point from a range of 0.25 to 0.5 percent to a range of 0.5 to 0.75 percent. Rates could continue rising throughout the coming year, leading to higher mortgage rates and decreasing volume for lenders and realtors. But the same economic factors that gave the Fed the confidence to…

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