About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Dave Hetzler, President

From the beginning to the completion of each project, Dave enjoys all aspects of the building process. He also continues to apply his “hands on” approach, overseeing each job site daily. With over thirty years of experience, Dave has earned the confidence of his homeowners, subcontractors, and vendors. Providing a quality home with unique finishes and special touches that surpasses customer's expectations.

Davis Development is named after Dave’s father, Davis Hetzler. Davis was a man of integrity and principle. His legacy is reflected in his son, Dave, who continues on with the same high standards and work ethics which are evident in the superior quality of Davis Development.

Dave Hetzler, president and founder of Davis Development, has been building since 1985. Dave’s work originated in California where he built homes as well as commercial buildings. In 1990, he branched out and started his own construction and home building company in which he created custom homes and high-end remodels. A move to Colorado in 1993 was a great opportunity to build a different architectural home style. Today, Dave builds custom homes extending from the Greater Denver Metro area to the quaint Rocky Mountain communities.

Davis Development's commitment to its clients is to provide a quality home with unique finishes and special touches. Davis Development prides itself on surpassing customer’s expectations. To help facilitate the home buying experience, the staff is able to assist with the architectural process, construction loans and permanent financing. We encourage our clientele to experience the entire building process from start to finish. From the breaking of ground to the smallest detail of your new home, Davis Development, Inc. works hard to ensure unsurpassed quality for you and your family!